INER-Z Unveils Electric Bikes, Car & Rickshaws at PAS-2020

At the Pakistan Auto Show 2020 (PAS-20) recently concluded, people were crowded into several pavilions as the local and international car industries presented their products.

Hyundai introduced its new Tuscon and BAIC, but one surprise was highlighted–the electric vehicles made in Pakistan from INER-Z.

The company is Pakistan’s first EV research, design and engineering company and at the Auto and show they unveiled electric motorbikes, an electric car and electric rickshaw to thousands of industry professionals, government officials, investors and the general public.

This is a welcome step in the country with the government looking to implement Pakistan’s first-ever National Electric Vehicle Policy and multiple international companies looking to capture the electric market. INER’s success shows that it is possible for the local industry to produce electric vehicles as well.

INER-Z Automotive’s inaugural lineup of electric vehicles caters to the wide-ranging mobility needs of millions of Pakistanis. “We are very proud to launch Pakistan’s first indigenously designed and manufactured electric vehicles for the mass market,” said Co-Founder & CEO INER-Z Automotive Murtaza Zaidi.

He continued, “Through our vehicles we are not only realizing our dream of giving every Pakistani an affordable and environmentally-friendly electric vehicle as a viable mobility alternative but also creating thousands of jobs by setting up the Country’s first.”

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