Infinix the First Smartphone Brand with Manufacturing Facility in Pakistan

Infinix is one of the leading smartphone brands in Pakistan with its new and high-quality premium products. This continued to grow stronger and the continued contributions and commitment to the economic and job development of the company in the country were one of the main reasons. Today, Infinix has proudly become Pakistan’s first brand of smartphones.

Fully aligned with the country’s “Made in Pakistan” initiative, the company is continuing to increase its investments to make the country a regional technology hub and has just made a further step towards its mission and local commitment to make Pakistan a democratic, prosperous country.

This country-based Chinese smartphone brand helps prevent unnecessary worries about Corona Virus and the inability to access newer products from Infinix, as well as fulfills its mission of contributing to the empowerment of local people, particularly women, because 60 percent of its employees work in the Infinix Pakistan factory.

Talking about their company mission, CEO of Infinix Pakistan Mr. Joe Hu said, “Infinix’s vision as a company is to enrich our customer’s experiences, whether it is through our products, or what goes in their manufacturing. To be able to play a small part in the empowerment of the labor force in Pakistan, and particularly the women of the country is an important step further towards our mission.”

Infinix has currently been marked as the largest mobile phone production and assembly company in Pakistan. The existing factory produces 3 million units per year. All the local products selling in the country are being manufactured in the factories that are churning out smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

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