Lowering Petrol Price by Rs. 5 Per Liter, Recommends by OGRA

Ogra has suggested the possibility of lowering HSD prices by the review sources by Rs. 7.23 per liter and petrol by Rs. 5.79 per litre.

On the basis of Petroleum Levy of Rs. 18 for HSD and Rs. 15 for petroleum, Rs. 6 for keroesene oil and Rs. 3 for LDO, this is determined by OGRA. The spokesman of the Authority refused to share the proposed oil prices.

If the government approves the recommendation, the petrol price will go down from the existing Rs. 116.6 per liter to Rs. 110.81 per liter and HSD price will reduce to Rs. 120.03 per liter from the current Rs. 127.26 per liter

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