Private School have to Determine or Fix the fee: IHC

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) prevented private schools of federal capital to increase the students’ fees on their own.

The bench claimed that it would be allowed to raise the school charge under the guidelines of the Supreme Court decision by the Regulatory Authority of private educational institutions (PEIRA).

After hearing arguments from all sides and in various petitions concerning the fee structure of private schools, a single member bench consisting of Justice Aamer Farooq pronounced the verdict.

As a private school regulator, the PEIRA was approved in compliance with laws to charge or set the fee of educational institutions. However, the court ordered the PEIRA to rule the fee structure of schools according to the highest courts.

The court also ordered PEIRA to decide the complaint of Dr Uzma Qazi against expelling her children from the schools, after properly hearing the stance of the institutions concerned.

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