News Alert: Syra and Shahroz Finally End Up with Divorce

Pakistani actress Syra Shahroze revealed Saturday that, a few months after their husband had taken to the social media to tell fans the couple that they were being split, she and husband Shahroz had decided to put an end to their marriage by ‘ irreconcilable differences.

In a brief note on Instagram, the actress requested the media and public to give space and privacy to the couple. “Our only hope at what is a difficult time for each of us is that both of us can continue to be the best possible parents for our daughter,” she wrote.

The couple, who have a daughter together, have been married for seven years.  While talking to Urdu publication Daily Jang, Behroz had clarified at the time that the two had not called off their marriage, saying that every family experiences disputes and theirs wasn’t different. 

After reports started doing the rounds on the internet that Shahroz had cheated on Syra with model Sadaf Kanwa, the actor took recorded a video message to dispel the rumours. 

“Sadaf and I are just friends,” he had said, stating that he had known her for only six months. 

Shahroz had said that Syra had been staying with her ailing father to look after him. The couple had had a “good marital life” for the past seven years, he had said.

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