Govt. Will Provide Free Groceries for People Earning Less Than Rs 25,000

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the government will help people who earn less than Rs. 25,000 a month in buying essential commodities.

The decision was taken during the cabinet’s meeting that explored ways to provide relief to low-income groups at a time of high inflation.

According to details, the government will help low-income groups in buying wheat, oil, sugar, pulses, and other basic commodities. The cabinet has also decided to allocate a significant amount of funds in the upcoming budget for this initiative.

PM Khan says that the government is dedicated to providing relief to the poor segment of the society.

Provision of relief to low-income segments of the society and adhering to their basic needs is the foremost responsibility of the state. The government is trying its level best and committed to ensuring meeting basic requirements of low-income segments of the society.

In a twitter post, PM Khan wrote that the government’s efforts, including subsidy accorded to the Utility Stores Corporation (USC), have resulted in bringing down inflation by 2.16%. Inflation for February 2020 was recorded at 12.40% compared to 14.56% in January.

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