High Alert: Bank Notes Are Also Reason of spreading Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against the potential for the spread of the Coronavirus from infected banknotes and encouraged the world to use contactless payment to prevent the virus from occurring.

According to the WHO Speaker, COVID-19 spreads to infected patients not only through droplets and direct contact but also through infected objects.

Since money changes hands frequently, it can pick all sorts of viruses and bacteria. To minimize the risk of disease, people should use contactless payment options wherever possible. In case people touch banknotes, they must wash hands and avoid touching their faces.

While it remains unclear how long Coronavirus can survive without a host, several studies have claimed that COVID-19 can stay active between 9 to 14 days on contaminated surfaces.

Banks in China and South Korea are disinfecting and isolating used banknotes in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly virus since last month.

The People’s Bank of China uses ultraviolet light and high temperature to disinfect and sterilize the banknotes. After that, the banknotes are quarantined for two weeks before being released into the market.

Besides banknotes, ATMs, ticket machines, door handles, and handrails can potentially contain the Coronavirus.

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