Facebook Decided to Run Free WHO Ads to Counter Coronavirus Misinformation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to ensure that you are provided with the right information on the COVID-19 situation in your country You will see a pop-up or card at the top of your search results when you check for “coronavirus” on Facebooking that guides you to the World Health Organization or the local health agency website for updates.

Facebook also gives the World Health Organization as much free updates as it wants for its coronavirus response and promotes the organization on the web.

The company is also taking steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus misinformation and hoaxes. Facebook has long been criticized for allowing disinformation campaigns to spread on its platform, but it’s especially important to keep matters related to COVID-19 under control, since it’s a health concern that could put people’s lives in danger.

Zuckerberg has also revealed that researchers are already using aggregated and anonymized Facebook data, such as population density maps, to gain a deeper understanding of how the virus is spreading. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s partnership with the Gates Foundation even gave Cambodian researchers what they needed to sequence the virus’ full genome in days.

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