Apple Introduces Mask Pro Concept Counters Coronavirus Concerns With Laughs

Apple, however, believes one fan of Apple will turn its focus on the booming surgery facemask market with its solutions. The global epidemic of coronaviruses is crippling iPhone sales. Take the mask of Apple.

The hilarating Apple Mask idea, ideal for every Apple clichen, is burnt by graphic designer Justin Ciappara. You probably never saw an operative mask that looks so good. It has a great price tag to suit, of course.


Obviously, Apple is never going to sell a mask to the public, though we wouldn’t put it past the company to design its own masks for internal use. After all, this is the company the reinvented the pizza box just for its cafeteria.

The hypothetical Apple Mask Pro would boast features like 20.2” Super Fabric XDR Material and water resistance up to 4 meters deep for 30 minutes at a price of just $400.

For the peasants that can’t afford the Pro model, there’s also a cheap iMask version that costs $100 but only filters viruses for 1 hour. Apple would probably likely also charge more for straps and extra filters.

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