Fighting Coronavirus: This Smartband Vibrates to Alert Every Time You Touch Your Face

A group of Seattle businessmen have created an intelligent band to prevent the spread of coronavirus as the number of individuals living with coronavirus is growing worldwide.

WHO strongly suggested that people practice manual hygiene by soaping the hands or washing them with alcohol-based gel to prevent infection spreading as dirty hands can pass the virus to the eyes, nose and mouth that can then enter the body.

To help people in keeping their hands off the face, a gravimeter in the Immutouch band uses a personalisable algorithm to track hand position and alert the user. The band works by vibrating every time you touch your face.

“Everytime you touch your face, Immutouch vibrates, making you aware of an otherwise unconscious behaviour. By making you aware of each occurence, you’ll stop the habit of passively touching your face.”

The Immutouch Band was created by Joseph Toles, Justin Ith, and Matthew Toles to help contain the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. The three friends have been building wearable products for the past three years.

The device was originally designed to combat compulsive behavior such as hair pulling, skin picking, and fingernail biting, but the company decided to use it for COVID-19 after the first death occurred in the Seattle area.

The bands can be paired with users’ smartphones, but continue to function phone-free without a Bluetooth connection. However your phone can keep a record of each touch so you can view your progress over time.

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