Kuwaiti Coronavirus Patient Spits at Nurse

A doctor at an hospital in Kuwait has accused a woman infected by the latest coronavirus of intentionally spitting on a nurse with the possible fatal disease.

“This is a crime against the people and all humanity,” the doctor said in a video.

The incident reportedly took place this week at the Jaber Hospital in Kuwait. The assailant is allegedly a Kuwaiti woman quarantined after having contracted the virus.

The doctor condemned the purported assault and called for cooperation from members of the public.

“This is the time of a crisis. When will you cooperate and be one hand in order to overcome this thing [the virus]?” she asked.


“We did our best in our studies and our social life is affected so that we can you serve you,” she added. So far, there has been no official comment.

The viral online video was released amid a spike in the confirmed cases of the virus in Kuwait.

The Health Ministry Wednesday reported three more cases, bringing to 72 the total of infections in Kuwait.

The Gulf country has put in place a string of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. They include closure of cinemas, theatres, wedding halls and meeting rooms at hotels until further notice.

Kuwaiti authorities have also extended the shutdown of all schools, governmental and private universities as well as military colleges for two more weeks until March 26.

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