Kuwait And Saudi Arabia Take Action To Sterilizing Banknotes Due to Covid-19

Both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia central bankers have announced that they have taken measures to fight the Corona virus spread by isolation and sterilization of banknotes.

The Central Bank of Kuwait declared through its page on “Twitter” that it had taken preventive measures for the safety of the users of banknotes since the beginning of the appearance of Corona, and indicated that the safe safe, counting and sorting equipment and reception and delivery areas are continuously sterilized.

In addition, incoming banknotes are isolated at the central bank for at least 4 weeks to ensure that they are virus free and, once the period has elapsed, they are pumped again.

According to the latest data, the number of people infected with the deadly virus in Kuwait has reached 80, while in the United Kingdom, the number of people infected has reached 62 cases.

As for the Saudi Monetary Agency, it declared to isolate all Saudi currencies received for its branches outside the Kingdom through banks and money transfer companies, as a precautionary measure and precaution, according to the previously published newspaper.

The Foundation called for the adoption of personal hygiene measures to treat all items of all kinds and confirmed that it was monitoring and coordinating with the competent authorities to take all preventive and precautionary measures concerning currency or other means of payment.

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