Mobile Unit Launched to Educate Public On Traffic Rules

The police of Hazara launched a mobile education service on Thursday to raise awareness of traffic laws for drivers, transporters and students.

“The main aim is to reduce traffic accidents and sensitise drivers about traffic rules,” DIG Jamilur Rehman told the launching ceremony of the mobile unit.

District Police Officer Sadiq Baloch and traffic police in-charge Jamal Zeb wer also in attendance. The DIG said that rash driving by underage drivers and unawareness of traffic rules were the main causes of accidents.

Speaking on the occasion, Sadiq Baloch said that the mobile unit established in a vehicle would travel to different places to educate motorists and transporters about traffic rules, besides distributing written materials among them.

Jamal Zeb said the unit would also work to discourage underage driving. “Though we have taken steps to ban underage driving, the unit would hold awareness sessions at colleges and educational institutions to sensitise students on the issue,” said Zeb

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