You Might be Washing Hands Wrongly; WHO Chief Tell the Right Way to Prevent Coronavirus

With the spread of coronavirus to 149 countries up to now, healthcare experts actively advocate manual hygiene as one of the strongest ways of defending againstCovid-19 disease.

The problem, however, is that we can effectively protect ourselves from the disease by washing our hands. Yes, the rest, in the case.

Considering the importance, the World Health Organization (WHO) took to social media launching the SafeHands Challenge with its Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus guiding the world how to wash safely and effectively.

In a video, the WHO chief said one of the most important thing is regular, safe and effective hand hygiene using soap and water or alcohol based hand rub.

In a two-minute video, the UN’s health body chief guided the people to start with wetting hand with water, apply soap to cover all hand surfaces.

He rubbed hand palm to palm, then right palm over left hand, interlaced fingers and vice versa which followed rubbing palm to palm with fingers interlaced.

As the next step, he was seen rubbing back of fingers to opposing palms fingers interlaced and then doing the rotational rubbing of left and right thumbs and rotational rubbing with clasped fingers.

He then rinsed the hands and dried with a towel and turned off the tap using the same towel to avoid touching the tap.

“Now I am calling the world to take the Who Safe Hands Challenge to be ready for coronavirus. Join the Safe Hands Challenge. Show the world where and how you wash your hands. Be ready for Covid-19,” he said.

He said every little bit of help made a difference, from sharing messages of support and guidance, to showing how to protect health. We are calling on people all around the world to show the simple ways to beat coronavirus, he added.

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