Pray At Mosque or Stay At Home Due to Covid-19?Maulana Tariq Jameel Answers the Question [Video]

A renowned religious scholar, Maulana Tariq Jameel, quoted a hadith to demonstrate the likelihood of prayer in households during a pandemic.

Maulane Tariq Jameel spoke on a television show about an incident in support of his argument from the time of the Prophet (PBUH).

Once, it was raining heavily in Madinah. When Bilal climbed up to call Azaan, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) asked him to tell everyone to perform Namaz at home and not to come to the mosque.

The cleric then noted that this Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) gives us proof that if there is any compulsion in coming to the mosque, then the prayers should be called at home.

When asked about the directions for Jummah prayers in case Coronavirus enforces lockdown, he said:

We have such a great Hadith as proof that even for the fard (compulsory) prayers, our Prophet ordered to perform at home (in case of compulsion.)

Here’s what he said:

It should be noted that Kuwait, a Muslim country in the Middle East, made an amendment in Azaan to ask people to perform prayers in their homes. As the Coronavirus threat looms, muazzins in Kuwait replaced “hayya alas salah” with “assalatu fi buyutikum” which means “offer prayers in homes.”

UAE, Qatar and Turkey are also announcing similar measures to control the outbreak.

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