Rich countries Should Cancel Pakistan’s Debts as Pakistan Economy Have to Face Covid-19 Emergency

Prime Minister Imran Khan reports that developed countries have inadequate facilities to deal with the global outbreak. The debts of countries like Pakistan, Iran and India should be forgiven by the global community.

In his interview, Imran Khan claimed that the debt of poor countries, including Pakistan, should be forgiven, so that all countries can fight the outbreak of the global virus. Health concerns are still an concern in developing countries. There is additional pressure on countries including the Corona virus.

“My main concern is poverty and hunger,” he said in the context of the global epidemic. In the current situation, unemployment will increase. The global community will have to think of some kind of debt to countries like ours that are very weak, at least that will help us deal with (the Corona virus). “

This virus can eradicate developing countries. If a serious pandemic spreads in Pakistan, they are concerned that their government’s efforts to eliminate the sick economy from the near collapse will start a series of stops.

Exports will collapse, unemployment will rise, and the huge national debt will become an impossible burden. Pakistan received a $ 6 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund last year.

He said that if the Corona virus spreads further in Pakistan, then it does not have the resources and resources to treat it. The international community should also consider lifting Iran’s sanctions, lifting sanctions against Iran will help Iran deal with the Cronavirus.

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