UNESCO Publishes a Guideline For Learning Online

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of families have been put into isolation and now a great many parents and educators struggle since suggestions for improved online education.

For this purpose, a UNESCO online guide has been prepared for everyone, with links to accessible learning apps and other outlets, by the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organisation.

UNESCO’s statement has disclosed that over 100 countries have closed down schools and colleges due to the COVID-19 outbreak and this has impacted over 700 million learners worldwide. This has greatly disrupted education for a vast majority, and millions more will be impacted as the virus continues to spread.

Alongside its list of learning portals, UNESCO has also provided a list of reliable distance education tools and management systems including ClassDojo and Google Classroom. There are also numerous apps and software with support for smart feature phones running on KaiOS including Can’t-Wait to Learn, Kolibri, Rumie and Ustad Mobile.

Additionally, UNESCO also promises to provide technical assistance, a community of practice, a selection of free digital educational resources, a repository of national learning platforms, partnerships, and global monitoring of countrywide and localized school closures.

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