NHSRC Launches Messenger to keep Up to Date to Fight Against Coronavirus

A Messenger experience with support from both Facebook and Botisfy.com was launched yesterday by the Ministry of National Health Services, Legislation & Coordination of Pakistan (NHSRC) to help ensure that the public is up to date and has access to the right information.

The interactive interface allows patients to decide whether a coronavirus doctor wants to look at them and to provide information on the amount of cases and regions that the coronavirus affects. This also helps people locate laboratories nearby and addresses the most important coronavirus questions.

“In times of crisis, people turn to their friends and family on platforms like Facebook, hence it was important for the #DigitalPakistan team to help the ministry in coming up with a strategy leveraging the Facebook platform. Using Botsify’s world class solution we were able to quickly and easily deploy a multilingual Messenger experience with a robust feature set and we will continue to iterate and improve the experience of the public,” added Tania Aidrus, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and as cases continue to grow, Facebook is committed to supporting the global public health community and local ministry’s work to keep people safe and informed. It is focused on three main areas – connecting people to accurate information and helpful resources, limiting misinformation and harmful content around the virus, and supporting global health experts. 

“Facebook’s support on the global coronavirus crisis will be crucial for strengthening public awareness and empowering our citizens with key health tips that will keep communities safe in Pakistan and around the world. The Messenger experience allows our Ministry to scale our support and serve citizens seeking up to date information on the coronavirus, while keeping our helpline open for more critical cases,” added Dr. Zafar Mirza, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health.

Facebook has also introduced a new feature to assist people in receiving accurate information about the coronavirus. Anyone who searches for information related to the virus on Facebook or Instagram will be shown educational pop-ups on top of search results connecting them to expert health organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pakistan’s NHSRC.

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