Balochistan Govt Closes all Type of Transportation for With-in and out of Province

The outbreak of a mortal coronavirus pandemic Taftan’s border between Pakistan and Iran persisted on the 25th.

Trade continues to be blocked, 1600 pilgrims have crossed the Balochistan frontier.

The pilgrims are natives of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan regions of Pakistan.

More than 400 people belonging to Balochistan are quarantined in the province itself after crossing the border.

Inter-provincial travel has been banned from today from and to Balochistan, the government has made a formal announcement on the matter.

Intra-city bus travel has also been suspended in the province, buses, coaches, coasters and public transportation of all sorts has been told to remain off the roads.

Most government offices, schools, shopping malls, marriage halls and tuition centres remain closed across the province.

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