International Ranking of the Happiest and Most Miserable Countries in the World

Finland placed the world’s top rankings in the most content countries for the third consecutive year, in an international survey comprising 156 nations, while Afghanistan ranks last.

The ten happiest countries of the world have also been classified in Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Luxembourg.

The US ranked 18, Germany 17, Britain 13 and France 23. France ranked 17.

According to the United Nations, Afghanistan is at the bottom of the ranking, ranking last after South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Botswana, Yemen, Malawi and India.

The Happiness Index report this year included 156 countries, which is a survey on the state of global happiness, focusing on 6 several factors, the most important of which are individual income, freedom, level of corruption , average life expectancy and social support, as population growth has caused global happiness to decline in general in recent years.

Source: Agencies

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