No More Kids Unhappy at Home: Pakistan’s First Children’s Channel, MyTV Kids, is Broadcast on YouTube

MyTV Kids is the first Pakistani channel dedicated to children and was broadcast live on YouTube. The channel, which promises diverse content for young people around the world, went online on March 19, 2020.

MyTV is here to excite, entertain and inspire viewers with a variety of excellent programs from around the world. The Youtube canal is inspired by universal values ​​and is designed to create an unrivaled experience for children.

It will also ease worried parents about the type of content their children are exposed to.

Pakistan's first children's channel, MyTV Kids, is broadcast on YouTube

To attract young generations and offer them fun and educational content, MyTV Kids has established itself as a safe and reliable platform for viewers.

It offers a variety of diverse content from around the world that should contribute to children’s spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth.

According to MyTV, the channel is intended to provide children with quality content and in turn, give them a healthy and happy spirit. With this, they promise to act like the mother’s companion.

It aims to offer a range of programs, meeting all of the different needs of children as well as their parents, giving them the luxury of having children watch educational content.

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