Pakistan to Get 1,000 Ventilators from China; Isolation Wards Established in Hospitals: NDMA

Lt Gen Mohammad Afzal, the chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), said that the institutions had set up an isolation ward in all major hospitals, and that 4-6 bedroom rooms were declared an isolation ward with regard to coronavirus.

Lt Gen Mohammad Afzal labored in hospitals around the country to manage COVID-19 pandemic safety and medical care arrangements.

“We have stock of 15,000 masks at this time and a supply of more 50,000 will reach tonight. will also provide 15,000 masks Pakistan. N95 facemasks are only for those working in hospitals.”

“The availability of ventilators is very difficult on international-level, whereas, other countries have booked productions for one years in China. Due to the efforts of Chinese envoy in Pakistan, we will get 1,000 ventilators. Moreover, 30,000 infrared guns are being imported from China as well.”

The NDMA chairman said nine major hospitals have been prepared across the country besides construction of 1600-bed hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.

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