Ice Cream/Cold Food Do Not Make You Susceptible to Coronavirus: WHO & UNICEF

During this global pandemic, when people are on the edge of their seats and every developing story about coronavirus leaves them scared, sharing news after it has been fact-checked is a must! It is because every piece of information, if not explained well or released by an authentic news source can be interpreted in more ways than one, causing chaos.

Recently one such case surfaced where a random document titled UNICEF with a number of points under it talked about what coronavirus is, some of its causes and prevention. One of the points quoted ‘stay away from ice cream and eating cold is important’.

Now, normal practice would be to believe something like this due to its association with UNICEF, but what’s worrying is what happened after that.

A few days later, UNICEF Pakistan and World Health Organisation, the two global organizations working towards public health released a statement debunking this myth about ice cream and cold food. They denied these claims by posting the same image with fake written in bold red and the caption saying ‘beware of misinformation’.

No information is better than misinformation. At a time like this, when tensions are high instead of making matters worse, let’s look out for one another and most of all let’s please refrain from spreading false news.


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