Electricity and Gas Companies Not to Bill This Month: CM Sindh Demads

Sindh Murad Ali Shah Prime Minister demanded that electricity and gas companies not approve government bills this month.

The Sindh Prime Minister demanded that energy firms not accept bills of up to 5,000 bills this month, in compliance with the specifications. He also requested Sui Southern Gas not to accept 2,000 rupees of bills. It will be that  the next 10 months.

The Chief Minister appealed to Kesco, Sipco and K Electric when he took the decision to give the population of the province great relief. He announced that those who have bills up to Rs 5,000 will not pay this month. For two months, electric or gas connections will not be reduced.

The prime minister also ordered home and store owners to assist people in rent collection, Murad Ali Shah said he would request the federal government to continue supplying electricity and gas companies.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah said he would announce the key this afternoon, the blockade would be applicable across the province, instructing institutions to receive utility bills in ten installments in the next two months.

He said that except Lockdown, I have no other way, the administration will remain vigilant, people will not be allowed to hit the road without any special reason. The decision must be made by people to be cautious. Going down, it will announce the closure today.

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