Helpline “1190” Will Reduce Virus Panic

Punjab Gobernator Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the 1190 Corona Rescue Helpline would provide awareness of, and assistance for, alleged victims of coronavirus.

“We have to learn a lesson from Britain, Italy and France because hundreds of deaths occurred in those countries and citizens over there did not adhere to safety measures against coronavirus.”

He expressed these views during the inauguration of the helpline at Rescue 1122 Headquarters on Saturday. Punjab Rescue 1122 Director General (DG) Dr Rizwan Naseer along with senior officers of the Emergency Services Academy was present on the occasion.

The helpline was being established with the aim to reduce panic about the virus and facilitate safe transportation of suspected patients to designated health facilities by Rescue 1122 teams.  Speaking on the occasion, the governor said the helpline had been launched to avoid panic in the country and provide guidance to all those suffering from fever, flu and shortness of breath.

“The helpline will definitely improve coordination between the public, health department and hospitals as all flu and fever cases are not related to coronavirus. Therefore, people should not panic.”

The governor added that the efforts of the DG and his team in making the Helpline 1190 functional on an emergency basis are commendable. “The training of paramedics for providing 24/7 assistance to the public will help in facilitating the suspected patients.”

The DG said that the helpline will remain active round the clock and trained paramedical staff shall provide guidance and coordinate with health teams through District Control Rooms. “After confirmation from the health teams, suspected coronavirus patients shall be shifted to designated hospitals or centres by Rescue 1122.”

The DG also directed on-duty staff to ensure personal safety by washing hands or using sanitisers, avoiding gatherings and maintaining social distance. “The safe practice must be ensured while performing your duty, including wearing proper gloves and masks and safely disposing of your personal protective equipment before going home.”

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