“Punjab Infectious Disease Prevention & Control Ordinance 2020” is Announced

“Punjab Infectious Disease Prevention & Control Ordinance 2020” has been promulgated which will enable Govt of Punjab to take all necessary measures to prevent & protect public from the dangerous #COVID19 disease and any such epidemic in future.

  • According to ordinance govt can order any private hospital or doctor to treat infected person.
  • Govt can impose any type of restriction any where in whole country.
  • Parents are not allowed to send children to school and any public gathering.
  • Restriction on movement and of dead bodies of patients who infected by covid-19.
  • Govt will decide where and how to transfer infected person.
  • Public could be screened at any point any where.
  • Its duty of every person to inform about patients to govt.

Punishment in Case of Violation

  • If some one disobey any one points mentioned above will be fined 50,000 thousand rupees and jailed for 2 months.
  • If any two of ordinance is disobeyed then 1 lack will be fined and six month jailed.
  • If any institute is disobeying govt orders will be fined two lacks.
  • If any institute is disobeying any two of clause will be fined 3 lacks.

The federal government has decided to spray disinfectant chemicals in the whole capital territory to halt the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

A mixture of 100,000 tonne of antibacterial chemicals such as methyl alcohol, chlorine, and sodium hypochlorite, commonly used as household bleach, has been procured by the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA).

The mixture will be prepared under the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, would be sprayed in all areas of Islamabad using latest machines.

In the initial phase, the hotbed of Covid-19 including Bara Kahu, Shehzad Town, where most cases surfaced, would be especially focused during the exercise.

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