Faisalabad Got First Disinfectant Walk Through Gate, Railway Station Turned into Quarantine Center; Click For More Close View Around Pakistan

In the Faisalabad Railway Station, Pakistan Railways has developed a corona quarantine center. PR sources suggested that up to nine patients affected by Corona were permitted to stay in the Faisalabad Quarantine Centre.

The center was founded by PR Divisional Superintendent Lahore Amir Nisar Chaudhry in a Business Class passenger trainer.

More likely Faisalabad got first of its kind sanitising walk through gate at sadar vegetable market. Vegetable market is most rushy area as usual so Govt decided to install first sanitizing gate to facilitate the public.

Jhag facilitation the citizens with a little huge walk through sanitizing gate that allows a bike to pass easily from it.

According to Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad, if someone want to avail facility to get flour at official rate then try to access at these points mention below. If someone have any quires and complaints do contact at this number 041-9200106.

Punjab educational minister Muraad Rass opned Free Tandoor in Constituency PP159, and served many needy poeple in this need of hour.

After Islamabad, Lahore is also getting disinfecting spray at lock- downed areas. Due to Covid-19 Raiwind has been locked down to curtail the virus’s spread, in this respect the ration is freely distributed by Lahore authorities among people of Raiwind and members of Tableegi Jamat are being testing at emergency notice.

The government of Punjab has established a 1000-bed makeshift hospital at the Expo Center, Lahore in a record nine days. The field hospital is equipped with all required facilities including, triage, ICU, rescue services, etc.

Islamabad vegetable market providing 25000 people a walk through sanitizing gate, the most rushy area of city.

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