Using PTCL Net Device and Facing Trouble Shooting? Videos Series Tips & Tricks for Smooth Connectivity

These are some of the many concerns we have about our Internet connection as consumers. We also do not want to call the helpline and take several steps and delays to complete a simple mission. We’re left blank on other occasions because of why we’ve stopped working or got late.

Time to say goodbye to these worries as PTCL is now answering such queries through a series of very informative 

customer awareness videos that will help you deal with such persistent issues that may be handled by yourselves. These videos are especially useful now when everyone is stuck at home during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and requires a seamless internet connection to work from home, to be entertained or to just stay in touch with your loved ones. 

The router placement video, for instance, gives us a comprehensive list of do’s & don’ts to minimize disruptions in our connection. Often we do not even realize the silly mistakes we are making that has a negative impact on the connectivity we are able to get from our internet connection, which eventually results in us getting frustrated and annoyed with the internet service provider. For example, there will be an issue if we place the router close to a window, a thick wall, in one corner of the house or around other electronics, amongst other things. You can see where you can place the router in your house to get the best connectivity and know more by watching the informative video on the router placement below.

Making a call to a customer service department is not everyone’s cup of tea and most of us would try our best to avoid it for as long as we can. It seems even worse when one needs to get a task as simple as changing the username and password on the Wi-Fi router settings. PTCL here too has come to the rescue by releasing a 

video for its customers that nicely explains to simply follow a few steps and get it done. If you are someone who needs assistance, then watch the video below that is for your ease and convenience.

These simple tips and tricks will definitely make our lives so much easier. Moreover, the sense of self-accomplishment that comes after fixing something ourselves is also empowering and less dependency on calling a helpline or complaining on social media.

Definitely a step in the right direction, it is good to see organizations like PTCL becoming customer-centric and making efforts to provide ease and convenience to its customers at times like these when people have to stay at home and practice the much needed social distancing.

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