Xiaomi Smart UV Disinfection Sterilizer Lamp/Products to keep safe From Coronavirus

The world was not safe with the spread of the corona virus, many businesses around the world were shut down and many people were contaminated. Xiaomi has agreed to release several amazing items for battling the virus at amazing prices.

Let us address these lights and tools quickly, which can help you counter corona virus.

1- Xiaomi Xiaoda Small Light UV Disinfection Lamp

The Xiaomi Xiaoda Small Light UV Disinfection Lamp is manufactured by Wuhan Huida Electronic Technology Co. With this lamp, we are able to protect our home against 99.99% of bacteria and malicious viruses for our health.

Best of all, it is already available on Gearbest at a really attractive price for all the advantages it offers, not only against bacteria and viruses, but also eliminating the alarming coronavirus that ravages China and that has gradually reached others European countries.

Where to buy The Xiaomi Xiaoda Small Light UV Disinfection Lamp?

The Xiaomi Xiaoda Small Light UV Disinfection Lamp is available on Banggood for $17.99 and also on Gearbest for $19.99

2- Xiaomi FIVE Smart UV Disinfection Sterilizer Lamp

Xiaomi youpin community fundraising platform has launched the new  Smart Smart Sterilization disinfection lamp weeks into the pendemic and it has been making lots of waves in the market.

Five Smart Sterilization is designed with H-shaped tube structure and has dimensions of 240 x 120 x 120mm . In the middle is the tube containing a Philips anti-UV light that contains 1/10 of mercury in the thermometer, the applicable area of ??20-30m, with a capacity of 35W and a life of 9000 hours. Besides Xiaom i disinfection lamps also use standard voltage source 220V-50Hz.

3- Xiaomi SMATE White UV LED Light Drying Sterilizer

Personal care products are frequently used everyday, and when long terms storage happens especially in wet toilet it is prone to breed bacteria and that is where proper drying and and disinfecting after washing comes in , because it is good for hygiene. Xiaomi SMATE White UV LED Light Drying Sterilizer is a perfect solution to this problem.

Price without coupon: $36.71 on Banggood
Coupon code 1($30.99): BGSTDF
Coupon code 2($33.04): BGHOMEAPP

it has three modes, when the power button gets a long pres mode,and short press, it switch modes, when working the indicator light flashes breathing, and when the work is completed , the indicator light is always on and it enters the standby state, prompting to turn of the power.

4- Xiaomi Huayi 38W Household UV Ozone Sterilization Lamp

Again Xiaomi is again looking for the way in which Chinese users can safeguard themselves from the epidemic that is raging several cities in the world. This new lamp has been put up for sale in the Xiaomi Youpin store and seeks to be sold highly due to its high power and reliability backed by several scientific centers that support its functionality and that it is capable of killing the Coronavirus.

This lamp adds 2 UV tubes that generate powerful ultraviolet light and an ozone generator that involve 38W of power. The size of this virus remover lamp is 120 x 120 x 428 mm . And it has been certified with a probability of killing viruses of around 99.9% of successful cases in which viruses do not survive the UV light + ozone generated by the lamp.

This lamp should be used for 25 minutes if the area to be disinfected is 10m2, if the area is 20m2 it should be used for 30 min and finally if the room is about 40m2 it should be used for about 60 minutes. 

5- Xiaomi JUJIAJIA Smart Induction UV Electric Toothbrush Sterilizer

As the name implies, disinfection works on the basis of UV radiation. There is a small UV tube integrated into the device which, when activated, acts on the active area of ??the toothbrush. The inserted brush is subjected to UV radiation at a wavelength of 253.7 nm, in the range of 360 ° .

JUJIAJIA toothbrush sterilizer removes up to 99% of bacteria from the active area of ?? The brush you put in your mouth . Normally rinsing with water removes only about 32% of different bacteria.

Before and after using the toothbrush, simply place it in the sterilizer holder, close the cover, and set the sterilization time you see on the display with a single button. 120 seconds are sufficient for perfect sterilization.

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