Haylou Introduced Solar Smartwatch With 30 Days Battery Life

Xiaomi works with a range of brands from third parties to launch a variety of products. Haylou’s one of the brands in question. The smartwatch from Haylou therefore forms part of the environmental chain of Xiaomi, although it does not bear the name “Xiaomi.” The crowdfunding of Haylou’s new smartwatch was revealed today by Xiaomi Youpin. This rather economical smartwatch is sold for a reasonable 149 yuan ($21), according to the company.

This smart timepiece is called “Smart Watch Haylou Solar” and comes with a metal body. It supports 12 sports modes, all-day heart rate monitoring, and 30-day long standby. Although it is called a “solar” smartwatch, it has nothing to do with solar charging.

In terms of design, the Haylou Solar smartwatch adopts a Nordic minimalist design. It has a metal middle frame and a 1.28-inch TFT round dial with a resolution of 240 x 240. The display produces rich and delicate colors, whether in strong light or in the dark. Furthermore, this device comes with a flexible silicone wristband. According to the company, it is very comfortable to wear even when you are sweating.

The Haylou Solar smartwatch comes with a built-in optical heart rate sensors. This sensor uses mainstream intelligent heart rate algorithms to continuously monitor heart rate for 24 hours. Users can adjust the exercise time and amount of exercise according to heart rate changes at any time.

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