Tesla Shows a Video How it Builds Ventilators Using Car Parts

Tesla’s EV plants are installed, just like many car makers,  Now, a YouTube video has been released which shows a prototype of EV components including the 3 Model display.

Hospital-grade oxygen goes into Tesla’s mixing chamber (a car part used in Tesla’s vehicles). It’s subsequently pumped through Tesla’s custom designed manifold, which is powered by vehicle computers and controlled by the infotainment system. All the patient parameters are then displayed on the Model 3’s main display.

Tesla, along with Ford and GM, have promised to donate or build ventilators, and CEO Elon Musk said recently that the New York factory could reopen soon to produce ventilators.

The company recently donated 1,000 ventilators, though critics said that the non-invasive models were the wrong kind. That’s because critical COVID-19 patients need invasive ventilators that can inflate a patient’s lungs with air via intubation.

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