FoodRunner Starts Essential Grocery Delivery in Islamabad

Rising food delivery app FoodRunner has started delivering groceries to residents in Islamabad with a new service called FoodRunner Essentials.

In a bid to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the company is encouraging people to stay at home as much as possible by ensuring they don’t have to leave the house to procure household essentials. 

FoodRunnner Essentials is accessible through the standard FoodRunner app, and has a list of groceries users can select from. Once the delivery address and order are confirmed, FoodRunner’s riders purchase the entire grocery order and deliver it to the user’s home, where users can then receive the order and pay for it.

By eliminating the need to go out for groceries and essentials, the company hopes to further diminish the number of people going outside and effectively inhibit the spread of the COVID-19 disease, which has affected over 4000 people in Pakistan.

To use the FoodRunner Essentials yourself, download the FoodRunner app on your smartphone through Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and place an order.

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