Govt Launches Mobile Utility Stores to Avoid Gathering at a Point

The blockage of coronaviruses prevented the distribution of goods, in particular in the far reach. In such places, it is hard for people to purchase ration since basic household goods are not affordable.

The USC of Pakistan is extending the Mobile Utility Van service to far-reaching regions in order to resolve this problem.

USC Managing Director, Umer Lodhi, announced that the facility will be started within two days.

Lodhi said that the Utility Vans will go village to village providing various food items at people’s doorsteps and provide food items on subsidized prices.

He mentioned that the Utility stores in urban areas are also planning to start home delivery service. The service will start as soon as the proposal is approved.

Lodhi maintained that the corporation has sufficient stock of all edible items including sugar, wheat, flour, rice, ghee, and pulses.

Any complaint of shortage across the country is being resolved on an immediate basis.

He said that due to the lockdown, sales at the Utility Stores have surged quite significantly. He believed that the corporation will achieve its sales target before the end of Ramzan.

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