Microsoft Patents a Mobile Device with a Third Screen

Microsoft may be working on a smartphone or tablet with a third screen. This is evidenced by a patent that recently appeared with the title ‘ Device with screen to hinge that is linked to other screens’. This may mean that the Surface Duo and Surface Neo will have a successor with a third screen.

Where other manufacturers are betting heavily on foldable screens, Microsoft is betting on devices with a double screen. The Surface Duo is a smartphone with two screens that open up like a book. The smartphone gets a version of Android as the operating system.

The Surface Neo is one grade bigger and should be able to serve as a laptop. This will include a special version of Windows 10 that should support various dual-screen applications. The difference in operating system should also emphasise the difference in use. The Neo is really meant as a laptop and the Duo is sold as a smartphone.

The Surface Neo and Surface Duo should be on the market at the end of 2020. After that, it remains to be seen what Microsoft will do with the new patent for a third screen. It is quite possible that the successor of one of the devices will get a third one.

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