No Flights Yet to Pakistan, Indin: Says Flydubai

Budget carrier flydubai on Wednesday clarified that there are no flights still available to any destination in Pakistan and India and when confirmed, repatriation flights shall be declared.

“We are fully supporting governments and authorities across the flydubai network with their repatriation efforts, helping them to make arrangements for their citizens to return home,” said a statement sent by a flydubai spokesperson to Gulf News.

“We will announce repatriation flights as and when they are confirmed, recognising this is an evolving situation whilst the flight restrictions remain in place,” the airline spokesperson added.

Earlier, flydubai opened ticket sales to Pakistan but the Pakistani diplomatic posts in the UAE issued public notices on Tuesday warning passengers to be careful while purchasing tickets as no international airlines have been given permission to enter the country from the Pakistan government yet.

Pakistani expatriates were left confused but flydubai has also warned passengers that flights will be operated subject to government approval.

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