Samsung’s Next Flagship Expected to be Curved on All 4 Sides

Samsung unveiled its flagships without curved edges earlier in this year, and the move was widely embraced. Yet now Samsung has filed a patent for a telephone with curved edges at all four sides in an effort to step up the curved display level.

The patent had been filed with the SNIPA, the Chinese National Agency for Intellectual Property, in July 2019. The patent is also included in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) Global Design Database.

As mentioned above, the patent details a new smartphone display technology with all four sides curved except for the metallic edges. The already available Samsung curved displays come with curves that are only prominent on the sides. To bump up the bezel-less look, the Korean tech giant seems to be extending the screen beyond the chin and top bezel as well.

These renders by letsgodigital give us a clear view of what Samsung has in store.

The patent contains seven patented images and a brief description of the technology. The company has refrained from sharing any details.

From the looks of it, the metallic corners are added to help the smartphone survive falls and damage. Overall, the renders show a pretty futuristic design. There is a possibility that this technology ditches any physical buttons and notches or punch-holes.

Featured image via letsgodigital

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