Drug Authority Grants Permission for Clinical Trial of Plasma Therapy on Coronavirus Patients

Specific permission to begin clinical trials of plasma therapy to treat novel coronavirus patients in Pakistan has been issued to Special Assistant to Prime Minister Zafar Mirza on Thursday.

Mirza also told the media in the federal capital that it had allowed drug regulators to rapidly monitor refinement of chloroquine raw materials, a medication that health experts consider to be partly effective in treating virus patients. It was also confirmed that it had been made available by the medication regulators.

The special assistant for health further revealed that last week he had established the DRAP Expert Committee on ventilators to test locally manufactured medical equipment.

“At a great speed they have already produced fast track acceptance test procedure for locally developed mechanical ventilators for COVID-19,” said Mirza. 

Mirza noted that companies manufacturing hand sanitizers had also been asked to comply with international standards or risk being pulled from the market. 

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