Haripur hospital Uses Drones to Deliver Medicine to Patients At Home

The doctors at Haripur DHQ Hospital are dedicated to providing telemedicine services to encourage residence.

The hospital also agreed to supply medicines through drones for patients ‘homes so that interaction with people can be minimised.

15 doctors in the hospital have taken the initiative, said their medical superintendent.

People with eye, heart and kidney-related diseases are already immunocompromised and we don’t want them to come to the hospital as we already are treating some COVID-19 patients, said a doctor.

People can just call the hospital and they will be put in touch with a relevant specialist. The doctor will also prescribe them medicine. This service is free of charge.

People who can’t pay for their medicine shouldn’t worry as the doctors have decided that they will incur this cost themselves, said another doctor.

The main idea is that we want to encourage self-isolation and don’t want people coming to the hospital unnecessarily. Our trauma centre is open, however, and it is taking emergency cases, the doctor added.

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