Zoom Sued for Overstating, Taiwan Becomes First Country to Ban Zoom Amid Security Concerns

Taiwan has become the first country to formally block public sector bodies from using the embattled video conferencing platform Zoom in light of mounting security concerns.

The platform has just endured a nightmare couple of weeks, in which a litany of issues, both major and minor, have been brought to light by researchers and reporters. 

In Taiwan Organisations and businesses asked to use services that are developed domestically, and platforms that haven’t been publicly associated with security issues.

The company’s shares closed down about 7.5% at $113.75 on Tuesday. They have lost nearly a third of their market value since touching record highs in late-March.

Zoom Chief Executive Officer Eric Yuan last week apologised to users, saying the company had fallen short of the community’s privacy and security expectations, and was taking steps to fix the issues. 

Zoom has been trying to plug security issues, as it signs up millions of new users from across the world as people are forced to work from home after lockdowns were enforced to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

However, the company is facing a backlash from users worried about the lack of end-to-end encryption of meeting sessions and “zoombombing”, where uninvited guests crash into meetings.

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