All Utility Bills Will be Paid by One Card with One Due Date for A Consumer: Govt Decided New Mechanism

The government has agreed to create a system to ensure one issuance date and the final date on the payment of bills for one consumers such as gas, electricity and PTCL fixed phones. This provides every customer with a massive facility.

“Every consumer will be able to pay all utility bills in one go either in bank or in post office. All utility bills of one consumer are to be issued on one date which willenable him to pay till one last date. The consumer will be able to pay all bills either on the last date or before that,” a senior official told The News.

Currently, every utility bill’s issuance date is different and payment date is also different from other bills because of which one consumer has to go either to post office or any bank at different times to deposit bills.

This not only wastes one’s time but under the new scenario that emerged out of COVID-19, consumers can avoid social distancing in the bank each time. The cycle of every consumer starting from originating the bills to paying them up at certain date is different.

The official said that the cycle of every consumer will continue to be different, but what the government intends to do is to ensure the issuance of all utility bills on one date for ‘A’ consumer and for him the date of submitting all the bills will also be the same. This will provide ease to all consumers using gas, PTCL phone and electricity.

A three-member committee, headed by secretary Power Division, comprising secretaries of Information Technology and Petroleum & Natural Resources, will put their heads to work out the mechanism.

When asked if all the consumers will have one date of issue and deposit for their bills, the official said not at all, all consumers of certain area will not have the same cycle from the date of issue to date of deposit from consumers of other areas. However, utility bills of one consumer belonging to a certain area will be issued on one date and he will be able to deposit all bills on last date.

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