Microsoft Teams Now Offering Video Chats with Custom Backgrounds too

The ability to change backgrounds is one of the main things about Zoom. In order to cover the laundry behind you or to ensure your privacy in calls to staff, you can use any picture that you want.  Microsoft has now built a team update that helps most people to change the background environment when working at home to video-call platforms.

While you can’t upload your own image yet like you can with Zoom Microsoft promises to launch that feature later you can choose from several backgrounds provided by the collaboration platform. 

In addition, the latest version of Teams includes the “raise hand” icon, which you can click to let the room know if you have something to say during a meeting.

Finally, it introduces the “end meeting” option that gives organizers the power to end a call with the single click of a button. It was apparently a top educator request, perhaps so teachers and professors can quickly end calls when an online class devolves into confusion.

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