(Video) 3D Model Shows How an Infected Person Spreads Coronavirus Through Cough

Finnish researchers have released an awe-inspiring simulation which shows how droplets of coronavirus patients can remain suspended in the air and infect humans before landing on the ground for several minutes.

Experts at the Finnish VTT Scientific Research Cence, the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Aalto University have investigated how COVID-19 cough and sneeze aerosolized particles emitted from the nose and mouth.

The researchers have 3D-modelled a grocery store in which a Coronavirus patient sneezes or coughs. The air droplets, smaller than 20 micrometers each, from the respiratory tract of the patient, flew over shelves of one aisle and reached the unsuspecting shoppers up to the next 2 aisles.

The aerosolized droplets can reach up to a height of 3 meters and remain suspended in the air for more than 6 minutes before hitting the ground.

It must be noted that the particle size of a typical Coronavirus droplet is also less than 20 micrometers.

The researchers further cautioned that even after hitting the ground, the virus does not wipe out immediately. Several studies have now confirmed that the virus can stay active on different surfaces somewhere between several hours to days.

The chief specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Jussi Sane, has stressed the need of observing strict social distancing.

You should stay at home if you are unwell and maintain physical distance with everyone. Cough into your sleeve or a tissue and taking care of good hand hygiene.

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