COVID-19: UAE Considers Imposing Restrictions on these Countries

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates of the UAE aims to introduce restrictions for connections with countries not responding to requests for their nationals to be received.

Step comes as the COVID-19 toll has risen over 100 000 worldwide and people are stuck in different countries.

According to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, the options include imposing strict future restrictions on the recruitment of workers from these countries and activating the “quota” system in recruitment operations. The options also include suspending memoranda of understanding (MoU) signed between the ministry and concerned authorities in these countries”.

He made it clear that all countries of foreign workers in the UAE should be responsible for their nationals wishing to return to their countries as part of the humanitarian initiative launched recently by the Ministry in cooperation and coordination with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Civil Aviation Authority and the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA).

Early this April, the Ministry launched the initiative to enable residents who work in the private sector and wish to return to their home countries to do so during the period of precautionary measures undertaken in the UAE to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Employees will be asked to submit their annual leave dates or agree with their employers on unpaid leave.

The initiative is part of the humanitarian efforts of the UAE’s wise leadership in meeting the needs of residents seeking to return to their home countries and supporting them in these difficult times

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