Video: Pakistan Creates Innovative Employment Opportunities For Daily Wagers

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government created innovative employment opportunities for the daily wagers by employing them as part of “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” project.

The prime minister in a tweet cited the difficult economic situation, especially for the daily wagers after the coronavirus outbreak impacting the global economies alike.

“Pakistan innovates in the time of COVID-19. With daily wagers out of jobs, our govt is employing a number of them as part of the massive 10 Billion Tree Campaign — impacting lives and planet positively at the same time. Every initiative counts,” the prime minister said on Twitter.

Imran Khan also shared a video clip of a daily wager expressing his gratitude for providing them an opportunity to earn livelihood after becoming jobless due to the coronavirus spread in the country.

Recently, Adviser to the PM on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, during a press conference, announced that the “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami” project which had been earlier suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, was revived with the consent of prime minister of Pakistan.

Aslam further informed that about 65,000 workers, who were associated with the project, would resume their services on emergency basis.

The daily wagers would get an amount of Rs600 (Dhs13.33) per day.

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