Crime Rate Reduced by 39pc in Punjab due to Lockdown

Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, Inspector General of Police (IGP), that the crime rate in the province decreased in the wake of the coronovirus pandemic by 39 percent.

According to an IGP spokesman Punjab, police presence on the roads nearly 24 hours and restrictions on the free movement of people due to the lockdown are the key reasons for rising crime incidents. Since police offenders were purely cautious, he said that he did not wish to attempt illegal acts, including robbery, fraud and so forth.

Police teams established 1,516 pickets where 113,101 vehicles and 263,214 motorcycles have been checked. On these police pickets, 570,979 people have been checked and 351,161 have been released on warning.

As many as 125,359 vehicles including 71,556 motorcycles, 24,539 cars, 19,094 rickshaws, 3.420 taxis and 6,750 heavy vehicles were stopped on pickets and the owners were issued warning over unnecessary movement in the city. The police had impounded 5102 cars and motorcycles in different police stations of the city on the violation of Section 144.

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