First Ever Real-time Shopping Search Engine “Shoppingum” Developed by GIKI Students

Because the planet is affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown, it seems as if all is being prevented. COVID-19 impacted not only human health but also economies; it impacted businesses, shoppers and the ordinary day-to-day life. People don’t even have the simple, essential necessities of daily life.

To make matters worse, the majority of the popular online shopping portals do not take orders at a time of crisis, making it much harder for the average man to meet most needs.

Considering this problem, graduates of GIKI, Muhammad Bilal Jamil, and Syed Ali Naqvi have come up with a brilliant idea. They’ve set up Pakistan’s biggest and a real-time product tracking website,

This is indeed a big contribution towards serving a nation during this hard time.

Vision Behind Real-time Product Tracking Feature

This Coronavirus outbreak has brought daily life routines to stagnation. We don’t have any choice but to stay confined to our houses to practice social distancing, as that’s the least we can do to serve this nation, by preventing the spread of this brutal virus in this difficult time.

In this undesirable phase of isolation, besides health issues and fear, people are suffering from other problems, which are going unnoticed. To ease the life of the public, these two engineers from GIKI have stepped forward and added a marvelous feature of real-time product tracking, by using advance data mining technique and complex machine learning algos on, – that claims to have 210 online shopping websites compiled under a single roof, holding more than 3.2 million products, so that people can get their hands on what they need in just a few clicks, within a few seconds.

How Will Tracking Work?

On searching your desired product in the search bar, a complex search algo tracks your product live across Pakistan’s 210 renowned online shopping websites, bringing the results from ALL the websites that are still offering delivery during this oppressive lockdown.

All this procedure takes just seconds. Besides this, it will locate the nearest online store, so that you can get your desired product as soon as possible.

Shoppingum is a Multi-Purpose Service

Most of us are not even aware of most online shopping websites, except for a few renowned ones. Searching your product on different tabs, is quite tiring as well. Shoppingum has already solved this issue by developing Pakistan’s biggest shopping search engine, by bringing all those shopping websites under one roof, hence providing a multi-purpose platform:

  • Search your desired product from about 210 different websites on a single screen.
  • Keeps you aware of the websites still working during this lockdown crisis.
  • Displays the location of online stores so you can decide from where to order it, and get your product as soon as possible.
  • Gives you an option of comparison, where you can compare prices of your product at different websites and judge for yourself from where you can get it at most reasonable rates. This way Shoppingum has almost eliminated the idea overpricing stuff at this time crisis.

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