Lockdown Extended for Two Weeks, Construction Industry to Start Operations From Today, PM Imran (Highlights)

  • Imran says coronavirus spread only 30 per cent of the projections that the government had analyzed.
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government has decided to extend lockdown across the country for two weeks in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • He added that the construction industry will start operations from today.
  • He maintained that all public places will remain closed during the lockdown.
  • The government will consult Ulema regarding the Ramazan plan and holding prayers and Taraveeh so that people could fast during the holy month without fear of spread of the deadly disease.
  • The prime minister pointed out that strict action will be taken against hoarders and those involved in smuggling of wheat and no leniency will be shown to them.
  • Imran said that it is necessary to take precautionary measures as the virus could spread at a fast pace.

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