VIDEO: Smart Helmet to Detect Coronavirus Cases Watch How it Works?

Smart thermal helmet worn by medics to detect people with coronavirus (COVID-19), enabling them to measure the temperature of those around them, by looking at them.

This smart technique is used by china first and now dubai is using that facility.

The executive director told Gulf Today: “The helmet developed by the corporation is the first of its kind in the country, because it uses an innovative technology linked to the international information network. It is equipped with a thermal camera, as it adopts artificial intelligence techniques in its mechanism of action, so that the paramedic can program it electronically.

“It is linked to a smart mobile application, to enable the paramedic to measure the person’s temperature by just looking at the individual using the helmet.”

He noted that the helmet is currently being used experimentally, as it will be tried inside and outside buildings, to measure its effectiveness in discovering and examining cases according to the air temperature. It aims at providing the highest levels of protection and health safety in the emirate.

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