Punjab Govt Considering to Provide Subsidy on Electricity Bills Instead of Ramdan Bazaar

The Punjab government considers that instead of creating Ramazan bazaars this year as a result of the threat of coronavirus, subsidies should be given to domestic consumer electricity bills ranging from Rs 1.500 to Rs3.00 a month.

Punjab Factories, Prices, weights and measures DG demanded that distribution power companies immediately provide details / number of domestic consumers paying electricity bills Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,000 per month so that they can be relieved by the Government during the lock-up.

According to the IPWM DG, the Punjab government establishes the Ramazan bazaars in the month of the Ramazan and gives subsidy on selected daily use items every year.

But due to the lockdown situation and to avoid corona spread, the Ramazan bazaars subsidy funds may be provided directly to the general public in the shape of compensation through their electricity bills, the DG added.

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