Lockdown Could Put Children at Risk for Obesity and Anxiety Disorders: Experts

Healthcare professionals warn the lockdown is putting children at risk for obesity, anxiety and attention deficit disorders.

“Little physical activity and an unusual situation could lead children to seek escapism through food,” said Noemi Cuenca, a nutrition professor at the Open University of Catalonia.

To try to help make the lockdown easier, the government and NGOs have published tips on how to maintain health and get along while staying indoors all the time.

The lockdown measures are scheduled to last until at least April 25 and the government has so far rejected calls to ease the restrictions on daily life before then, even though the rates of infections and deaths from the virus have slowed.

“There are groups which we realise have made a huge sacrifice, such as children for example,” Health Minister Salvador Illa said.

There must be for children to be allowed out for one hour each day near their homes as is the case in world.

The government has asked the national association of pediatricians for its advice.

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